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Pepper Palm



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UNKNOWN is a captivating fragrance that combines the vibrant zest of grapefruit, the invigorating coolness of mint, the sophisticated essence of gin, the luscious sweetness of Mediterranean fig, and the woody allure of cypress. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic blend of scents that will transform your living space into a realm of mystery and intrigue.

The mint notes provide a sense of clarity and rejuvenation, creating a crisp and revitalizing ambiance.

The sophisticated essence of gin adds a layer of intrigue and allure to the fragrance.

The fig notes provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, enveloping your senses in a luxurious embrace.

 The cypress notes bring a sense of grounding and serenity, creating a harmonious and balanced ambiance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Unknown Room Spray is made from the finest quality ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent fragrance that will transform your space into a realm of mystery and allure. The convenient spray bottle allows for effortless application, allowing you to effortlessly create an intriguing and captivating atmosphere in any room.

Indulge your senses in the captivating blend of grapefruit, mint, gin, Mediterranean fig, and cypress with our Unknown Room Spray. Let the enigmatic aroma transport you to a world of intrigue and fascination, where every breath is a moment of discovery.

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